Climate and Environment Minister Romina Pourmokthari (L) last week received the Climate Policy Council's report - which disapproves of the government's climate policy and states that it is not sufficient for Sweden to reach the climate goals by 2030. The report has created major discussions on Swedish opinion pages. Photo: Hamid Ershad Sarabi/Wikimedia Commons.

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Week 13: After critical climate report - debaters discuss Sweden's climate policy

On Wednesday last week, the climate and environment minister took Romina Pourmokhtari (L) against the Climate Policy Council's annual report for 2022. The report states that Sweden has lost control of climate policy. It has characterized the Swedish debate and editorial pages during the past week, where criticism has been directed at both the current and previous government.  

- I demand that the government present a climate policy action plan that will ensure that Sweden reaches the set climate goals by 2030, writes Heléne Fritzon (S), delegation leader for the Social Democrats in the European Parliament, in Expressen.

The Green Party also sees the government's climate policy:

- The whole of Sweden must join, and then solutions are needed that work across the whole country. Solutions that the government refuses to present, write spokespersons Märta Stenevi and Per Bolund in Aftonbladet along with several other environmentalists.

The Climate Policy Council is part of the climate policy framework that the Riksdag decided on in 2017. It also includes the Climate Act and the climate goals. The Climate Policy Council's report states that the 2030 climate goals will not be achieved with current policies.

- It is a huge betrayal from M, KD and L who in 2017 were involved in adopting the Swedish climate act, writes DN's editorial staff.

I Expressen Criticism is directed at both the current and previous government:

- At the end of the previous term, it became clear that even the Swedish government lost control of climate policy, writes the newspaper's lead writer Patrik Kronqvist.

Peter Wennblad, editorial writer at Svenska Dagbladet, believes, on the other hand, that the criticism from the Climate Policy Council can nevertheless be derived from shortcomings in the climate policy framework as such:

- They set emission targets for 2030 that they had little idea of ​​whether they were possible to reach, he writes and continues:

- Climate policy needs more action and measures that are practically feasible.

He points out that the important thing is "that Sweden gradually lowers its emissions towards zero, not exactly where we are at each moment on the way there".

The Climate Policy Council's report can be found here.

Debaters' reactions after the Climate Policy Council's report

Sweden cannot count on the EU forcing SD

Heléne Fritzon (S), delegation leader for the Social Democrats in the European Parliament, Expressen

MP: Kristersson leaves the climate in free fall

Märta Stenevi, spokeswoman for the Green Party; Per Bolund, spokesman for the Green Party; Åsa Lindhagen, City of Stockholm's Environment and Climate Council; Karin Pleijel, environment and climate municipal councilor Green Party Gothenburg; Stefana Hoti, City Planning Municipal Council, Green Malmö Environmental Party, Aftonbladet

This is how it goes when climate policy is hammered out at Tidö Castle

The editorial staff, Dagens Nyheter

The climate doesn't need more hot air, Romina Pourmokhtari

Peter Wennblad, Svenska Dagbladet

Romina Pourmokthari is talking - but she has nothing to say

Patrik Kronqvist, Expressen

The Climate Policy Council takes the government's well-deserved ear.

Principal, Sydsvenskan

Minister Pourmokhtari disappeared into a black hole

Susanna Kierkegaard, Aftonbladet

The climate does not need leadership, but collectivism

Göran Greider, Today's ETC

Now Ebba Busch gets to rap and build wind power

Ingvar Persson, Aftonbladet

Your climate policy is pure April fools, minister

Gustav Hemming, climate regional council in Region Stockholm (C), Aftonbladet 

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