Foreign-born women are an overlooked resource, and change is required for this group to be integrated into the labor market. That's what debaters from the Soraya support center write in Dagens ETC. Photo: southworks. Source: Canva.

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Week 11: Debaters discuss integration and terrorist threats from IS

During last week discussionhonored editorial and debate writers among other things, that foreign-born women are an untapped resource - as Sweden overlooks them in the labor market. Tthe error threat from IS and that the cuts in aid affect the development of knowledge both in Sweden and other countries has also debated.

During the past week, debaters have pointed out that Sweden allows potential migration capacity to be unused. Zenobia Rizvi and Julie Chowdhury from Somaya support center write in Today's ETC that foreign-born women are an overlooked resource, and that structural change is required for this group to both be integrated into the labor market and to stop being overrepresented in cases involving domestic violence. As long as these women fall through the cracks, the goals of Swedish equality policy will never be reached, they say.

In addition, Sweden is shooting itself in the foot when stricter rules for family immigration discourage researchers from coming here. This is what Göran Arrius, chairman of Saco, and Sanna Wolk, chairman of Sweden's university teachers and researchers, write in Aftonbladet. The debaters refer to statistics from the University Chancellor's Office which show a downward trend of highly qualified foreign researchers who have come to Sweden since the rules for family immigration were tightened.

- Researchers must be able to bring their families here. Otherwise, Sweden risks losing leading researchers, they write.

IS still a terrorist threat

The terrorist threat from the Islamic State, IS, is far from over as the terrorist group is growing in Africa, which means it can also become a threat to Europe. This is written by Magnus Ranstorp, brisk manager at CATS/Defense University, i Svenska Dagbladet. He believes that, according to many, IS is no longer considered pose a serious terrorist threat since the caliphate collapsed in 2019, but that this is not a correct view. For example, the EU's coordinator for counter-terrorism, Ilka Salmi, has warned of IS recovery in Iraq and Syria. IS-affiliated groups have also gained a stronger foothold in several African countries.

"The cuts in aid are hitting against the development of knowledge"

In a debate article in The outside world the government is asked to rethink the cuts in aid - including in the grants for research, which have been more than halved in the new aid budget. This hits hard against the development of knowledge both in Sweden and other countries, say representatives from several actors in aid and global development.

- This support has been absolutely central for poor countries to be able to develop their own knowledge base and reduce their heavy dependence on foreign experts. At the same time, the support has increased their ability to actively participate in various international research collaborations, write the debaters.

They also mention the cuts in the funding for information and communication and the termination of several aid-financed scholarship programs - and believe that Sweden's capacity to participate in, debate and review development cooperation is eroded by the cuts.

- We urge the government to rethink the cuts that are now dramatically impairing Sweden's ability to support and contribute to knowledge for development in poor countries, as well as the ability to participate in the work to meet urgent global challenges, they write.

Integration, terrorist threats and the cuts in aid

See all foreign-born women as resources for Sweden

Zenobia Rizvi, operations manager Somaya support center and Julie Chowdhury, chairman of the board Somaya support center, Today's ETC

Scientists move if their families are not allowed to immigrate

Göran Arrius, chairman of Saco, and Sanna Wolk, chairman of Sweden's university teachers and researchers (Sulf), Expressen

"The terrorist threat from IS is far from over"

Magnus Ranstorp, University of Defense, Svenska Dagbladet

Reduced research aid affects Sweden

Rolf Carlman, vice chairman, Association for Development Issues, etc., Omvärlden

Other information about global development

Strong, stronger, Xi. Taiwan is shaking.

Heidi Avelan, Southern Sweden

Sweden's economy must be disconnected from China's.

John Gustavsson, PhD in economics and former political advisor (SD) in the EU Parliament, Sydsvenskan 

Swedish "feminists" trivialize hijab in the EU

David Lega (KD), EU parliamentarian, etc., Expressen

Hasty NATO process can have major consequences.

Kerstin Bergeå, chairman of the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Association, Sydsvenskan 

Confiscate Russia's money and donate it to Ukraine

Andrius Kubilius, member of the European Parliament and former Prime Minister of Lithuania, and Anders Åslund, senior fellow at the think tank Frivärld, Dagens Nyheter

Stop the oil pipeline that will suck Africa out

Agnes Hjortsberg, Aurora, Dagens ETC 

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