Putin does not accept the basics of the European security system. Pål Jonson and Hans Wallmark (M) write this in a debate article on SvD.

Current debate

Week 1: "The most serious security policy situation in Europe in decades"

Last week's debate was marked by concerns about the security situation in Europe and the threat from Russia. The question of whether Swedish development assistance can be withdrawn for countries that refuse to accept their citizens who are staying illegally in Sweden has also been discussed.

During the past week, Russia and the security policy situation in Europe, among others, have been discussed - a situation that is out of the ordinary and that Europe has not seen in decades. Russia has started with a sharper and harsher rhetoric and now stands with 100 soldiers at the border with Ukraine ready to increase military violence. Putin wants to prevent Sweden, Finland and Ukraine from joining NATO, as the European security system is not accepted by Putin, writes Pål Jonson, defense policy spokesman (M) and Hans Wallmark, foreign policy spokesman (M), in Dagens Nyheter. They write that the current situation could easily escalate, and that a war of aggression in Ukraine could spread both intentionally and unintentionally. 

Discussions about the climate have continued to be on the agenda on Swedish debate pages. At Svenska Dagbladet writes six researchers about the link between air pollution from fossil fuels and reduced petrol tax, health problems and deaths. IN Dagens Nyheter Gustaf Rosell, product development manager, writes that research indicates that emissions are not decreasing at a sufficiently high rate for us to be able to achieve the set climate goals. A too positive picture already now of Sweden's climate efforts, he says, can lead to people not making the necessary changes in their lifestyle for the goals to actually be achieved. 

In the intermissions reported Echo on the Social Democrats' new proposal where they want to be able to withdraw aid for those countries that refuse to accept their citizens who are staying illegally in Sweden. 

The proposal has been met with criticism from several quarters, and it is believed that it could have devastating consequences for those who need assistance the most. Among other things, the proposal violates OECD DACrules prohibiting donors from using aid as a means of forcing people to return after being denied asylum. It writes seven Swedish aid chiefs in a debate article in The outside world.

- Aid should be based on local needs and local ownership, not on donors' national political agendas, they write.

Sweden's development assistance money

"Matilda Ernkrans, is this proposal the government's new development aid policy?"

Anna Stenvinkel, Anna Tibblin, Erik Lysén, Karin Lexén, Lena Ingelstam, Petra Tötterman Andorff and Mariann Eriksson, OmVärlden.


Reduced petrol tax leads to more patients

Shervin Shahnavaz, Magnuz Engardt, Ester Gubi, Kevin Noone, Petter Ljungman and Bertil Forsberg, Svenska Dagbladet.

Excessive climate optimism will not save us

Gustaf Rosell, Dagens Nyheter. 

Security situation in Europe

The government is passive in the face of the Russian threat

Pål Jonson and Hans Wallmark, Svenska Dagbladet.

Strengthen Sweden's preparedness when Putin threatens Europe

Lars Wedin and Odd Wern, Dagens Nyheter.

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