The book fair: The workers' perspective is absent in the foreign service

Bokmässan, thursday. Svenska Mässan is already teeming at 11 o'clock with coffee-loving journalists and cultural aunts atädda i Gudrun Sjödén. På second våning is Globala Torget, däis developmentalågor ståri focus. The magazine Arbetet Global, formerly LO magazine, arranges after lunch a seminar on workers' näpresence in the foreign service, after having sl during the morningäppt and report på same theme. The editorial staff has reviewed 274 foreign articles and notices in six of Sweden's pcsöfirst newspapers and concluded that 0,72 percent of these lät workers come to speak. Like Jämförelse, påpoints the report, nämnde 8,7 percent the name "Trump".

Erik de la Reguera, foreign correspondent på Dagens Nyheter, and Moa Kärnstrand, journalist på TT, ärbåthen negative to the numbers. Pretty sjäOf course you can think. The är svårare to få förståelse föare complex phenomena, they say, if one only describes från ett håll. The problem är bristen på money at the newsrooms. Without permanent employmentällda foreign squirrels will be svårt to create the relationships that behövs för to göra good scoop on workers - då är it lättare to call official företrädare för statements on the matter.

I frågoes to me during the seminar: can trends have something to do with göra? In times närbåthe SvD and DN have gender robots that räknar the number of män and women per article and writer, and näis it in Sveriges Radio's assignment står to föthe company shall "reflect the whole country and the variation in the population based on a jämställdhets- and mångfaldsperspektiv”- äis it interesting that class does not seem to be a variable like läggs nåimportant - at least not in the foreign service. Äis the concept of class simply does not applyäckligt på wallpaper? It göam I sorry to tänka på. I think nämligen that democracy and development benefit from depictions of människoliv we usually do not fårhöra om- and it ihögre utsträckning än another article on Trumps twitter.

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