The al-Hol camp in Syria is home to about 70 people, many of whom are children. Photo: Y. Boechat / Voice of America

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"Take the Swedish children home to IS parents - now!"

The children of Swedish IS fighters who are stuck in Syria should be taken home immediately. It writes several debaters and directs harsh criticism against the government. In addition, Sweden's responsibility to receive refugees and respect the right to asylum was debated.

It has been almost a year since thousands of children of foreign IS supporters were trapped in the al-Hol camp in Syria. Among them are about 50 Swedish children who have caused a debate in Sweden.

The government has said they are trying to get the children home, but without success. Last week, therefore, the Liberals and Christian Democrats came up with a proposal for a temporary law that will make it possible to forcibly take the children into place in Syria.

"It is not a day too early", writes Dagens Nyheter's lead writer Lisa Magnusson and adds that the children in the camp have a special position and have not chosen "to be born into a terrorist sect".

Aftonbladet's editorial writer Jenny Wennberg agrees. She believes that the Liberals 'and Christian Democrats' proposal is "a desk idea with clear problems", but that it is after all Sweden's responsibility to take care of the children.

"Sweden is currently allowing children to grow up in an environment no child should be forced to live in, either physically, because there is a lack of everything from medicines to blankets in the camp, or mentally because a childhood in the al-Hol camp risks nurturing hateful extremists." , writes Jenny Wennberg.

In Svenska Dagbladet, a number of debaters - from Save the Children to psychologists and lawyers - write that the children must be picked up without further delay.

We who write are a broad group of actors with collective expertise, experience and network of contacts and we believe that it is possible. The time is now. It has been possible for a while and it still is - but soon it may be too late ", they write.

At the same time as the debaters seem to agree that the IS children should be taken home, it is a completely different tone when it comes to receiving asylum seekers in Sweden. "We have done a lot, now a refugee break is needed," write two liberal municipal councilors in Expressen.

The moderates write in Aftonbladet that they respect the right to asylum, but that Swedish immigration policy must be governed by "a volume target".

Expressen's lead writer Anna Dahlberg agrees and believes that Sweden should, among other things, reduce the reception of quota refugees, have a tight line in the EU and reduce “Sweden's attractiveness” as an asylum country.

"There is even more that Sweden could do to reduce migration without violating the right to asylum. It is not the opportunities that are missing - it is the will ", writes Anna Dahlberg.

A selection of the last week's editorial and debate articles about Sweden's role in the world:

The children in the IS camp

Break the rules and help the Swedish children home from al-Hol
Lisa Magnusson, Dagens Nyheter

IS mothers are not suitable parents
Jenny Wennberg, Aftonbladet

"Sweden should take the children home to IS parents as soon as possible"
Gunilla Hallonsten et al., Svenska Dagbladet

Right of asylum

MP, you are lying to pick up cheap points
Maria Malmer Stenergard, Aftonbladet

This is how migration to Sweden can be tightened
Anna Dahlberg, Expressen

We have done a lot - now we need a refugee break
Torkild Strandberg and Pierre Månsson, Expressen


"Hammarberg and Bjereld turn a blind eye to Palestinian anti-Semitism"
Stefan Dozzi et al., Dagens Nyheter

What does the KD really mean in the Israel issue?
Fredrik Wadman, Today's ETC


"Too narrow to only look at Swedish emissions"
Louise Meijer, Svenska Dagbladet

The banks' fossil investments take us towards climate catastrophe
Anna Termine et al., Dagens ETC

Greta needs a real strike
Ellen Stark Thenander, Today's ETC

Human Rights

Sweden must defend those who defend their rights
Anna Tibblin, OmVärlden newspaper

Trade agreement with Vietnam

"Agreement with Vietnam invaluable for Sweden"
Jörgen Warborn, Svenska Dagbladet

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