The Christian Democrats' party leader Ebba Busch did not raise global development issues in her party leadership speech during Almedalen Week. Photo: Fanny Tegman Lindholm.


Sweden's role in the world did not find a place in Ebbas Busch's (KD) party leadership speech in Almedalen

Neither foreign policy nor development aid issues were mentioned in Ebba Busch's (KD) party leadership speech at Almedalen Week. Instead, the protection of the so-called Svensson life with "villa, volvo and doggy" was high on the agenda.

The Christian Democrats 'party leader Ebba Busch's speech in Almedalen was introduced by Sara Lidquist, Member of Parliament and chair of the Christian Democrats Gotland, and Nike Örbrink, chairwoman of the Christian Democrats' youth union, who gave the Christian Democratic problem picture of society - crime, care and food queues as well as food queues. But Sweden's role in the world was not addressed.

In the Christian Democrats' election program, they describe that environmental problems must be solved at EU level, but Sweden's role in climate negotiations was omitted in the party leadership speech. The party's opposition to excessive consumption, Sweden's refugee reception, the aid target of one percent of GNI as they have expressed their support or other global issues were also not addressed in the speech.

According to Ebba Busch, instead she focused on political issues concerning the family within Sweden's borders. Svensson's life with "villa, volvo and doggy" was consistent throughout the party leadership.

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