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Sweden's corona strategy - ingenious or foolhardy?

In Sweden as well as abroad, covid-19 is increasing avalanche-like and the question is which strategy actually works. Sweden's strategy has been internationally renowned and has both been praised and praised. At present, it is insufficient, according to several Swedish news voices.

Sweden's corona strategy is unclear and insufficient, says Erik Helmersson in his debate article. The tones from the government are harsh, but despite that, no face masks are recommended. The idea is that they make people forget to keep their distance. The experience in Sweden is both deadly and "business as usual". No one seems to understand what really matters.

In Stockholm, Finance Region Councilor Irene Svenonius (M) advocates large-scale testing, while the user of Region Stockholm's app "Always open" is met by a red box with a warning that home testing can not be ordered. The municipalities blame the government and the government blames the municipalities. Who is sitting on the answer? Nobody seems to like it, at least according to Aftonbladet's Anders Lindberg. Unfortunately, neither is the Swedish Public Health Agency, the entity which, according to Gunnar Jonsson, "has been assigned the leading role in Swedish virus control."

The Swedish corona strategy in the international arena has sometimes been praised and sometimes sawn. The question has been asked about which injuries are greatest, the financial or the human ones? Now, 27 experts in virology, microbiology, infectious diseases and scientific data analysis, have commented in a debate article in Aftonbladet; "Sweden's strategy against covid no longer holds". What awaits is a long winter with widespread infection and "internationally extremely high death rates", according to these experts. Of course, the situation is critical, but exactly what everyone should do still seems to be in the dark.

Criticism of both the government and the public health authority is growing, and there seems to be no more agreement than that the measures against the coronavirus are awkward and misguided. According to Gunnar Jonsson, the Swedish Public Health Agency is trying to "dodge all responsibility for Sweden's failure with corona testing".

What is the right corona strategy is a question that is asked around the world - there seems to be agreement at least that Sweden does not currently have a strategy that is worth following.

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