It was Sweden and Swedish values ​​that were in focus in Ebba Busch Thor's Almedalstal. The picture is from her speech in 2018. Photo: Politikerveckan Almedalen (CC BY 2.0)


Swedish valuation policy on KD's agenda

Values, family policy and the January agreement were on the agenda during Ebba Busch Thor's Almedal speech. But global development issues shone with their absence.

On Saturday night, it was the Christian Democrats' Ebba Busch Thor's turn to give a speech in Almedalen. She started by congratulating the Swedish national football team on the World Cup bronze.

It was a confident Ebba Busch Thor who took place on Almedalen's stage without supporting notes. When she entered the stage, the podium was removed.

- My speech will be about the groups that are left behind in today's politics, the overlooked, the forgotten. Which socialists, liberals and radicals do not have the strength or at least do not have a policy for. Although they should be the focus of the debate, she said.

The groups she talked about were the family, the elderly and those stuck in care queues. Ebba Busch Thor sharply criticized the January agreement. Boots are sent to both the right and the left, to the Liberals, the Center Party, the Green Party and the Social Democrats.

Among other things, the criticism was dissatisfaction that the January agreement does not take into account equality between urban and rural areas in the Swedish green tax exchange. Ebba Busch Thor was also critical of the space that a circular and bio-based economy has in the agreement - compared to elderly care, which is only mentioned in a few sentences. She believes that the January agreement is about "banal bazaar trading" rather than common values.

- We need value-based politics in Sweden, she said.

And it was right here that the focus stopped, in Sweden. Ebba Busch Thor emphasized gender equality and the major banks' moral responsibility - issues that she could have related to global development. But in the end, only Swedish challenges were allowed.

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