Last year, more than 28 asylum seekers went to the UK in unstable boats. Asylum seekers will now be sent on to Rwanda. Photo: Sandor Csudai via Oxford Human Rights Hub.


Britain sends asylum seekers to Rwanda - criticized by the UN

Earlier this year, the British government announced its plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. The agreement has been debated and several claim that Britain is trying to duck for its international obligations.

In the next few days, the first asylum seekers will be sent from the UK to Rwanda under the new agreement between the countries. The decision has provoked strong reactions from human rights organizations, among others, who claim that it violates Britain's obligations.

Last year, more than 28 asylum seekers came to the UK after crossing the sea from the mainland on unstable craft. Reuters also reports on how the UK, as late as last year, pointed out several shortcomings in Rwanda's safeguarding of human rights. Now they instead choose to send asylum seekers there.

- According to the information we receive, the first round of migrants will arrive at the end of the month. It is the British government that knows how many and when they will come, says Alain Mukurarinda, representative of the Rwandan government.

The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, has condemned the agreement between the countries and claims that it means a gross violation of international law and contrary to the intention behind the International Refugee Convention. Denmark also has investigated the possibility to send asylum seekers to Rwanda.

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