Party secretary Lena Rådström Baastad will give the Social Democrats' digital Almedal speech in 2021


The Social Democrats focus on solidarity and community, but only in Sweden

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is facing Sweden's first prime ministerial vote. The Social Democrats' Almedal speech takes place just a few hours before Sweden's political fate in the coming year is decided. Party secretary Lena Rådström Baastad, who replaces Prime Minister Löfven, focuses mainly on the welfare state, solidarity and the climate, but only from a Swedish perspective.

During Almedalen's last day, Lena Rådström Baastad begins by showing appreciation to Sweden's working class: construction workers, assistant nurses and bus drivers, who take responsibility for building the folk home. Rådström Baastad continues his speech by focusing on the importance of the common, rather than the individual, in order to succeed in solving societal problems and build a strong welfare state. 

Rådström Baastad, like the other speakers during the week, also talks about crime and insecurity in Sweden. The Social Democrats emphasize that crime and insecurity are best combated by building a stronger society. 

The party secretary also mentions that Sweden will be a driving force in the implementation of the Paris Agreement and create more job opportunities in green industry. She emphasizes that the Social Democrats are on the way to rebuilding Sweden into the world's first fossil-free welfare state where more jobs for Swedes and increased exports are in focus. But apart from the Paris Agreement, the Social Democrats do not mention any other international development cooperation where Sweden can contribute growth and resources to jointly accelerate global efforts to combat the climate crisis.

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