Foreign Minister Ann Linde presents the Government's foreign policy declaration in the Riksdag

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Security policy in focus

Sweden's new foreign declaration, which was presented on Wednesday (12 / 2-20), has been commented on several debate and leader pages this week. The clear security policy imprint is welcomed by several lead writers.

Prior to the announcement of the government's foreign declaration, Håkan Svenneling, foreign policy spokesman for the Left Party, argued that increased equality must be a priority goal in Swedish foreign policy. With ten years left until Agenda 2030 is to be fulfilled, the government must make increased efforts to reduce inequality. 

The editorial staff at Dagens Nyheter also comments on the foreign declaration by stating that there finally seems to be a broad consensus in the Riksdag on Swedish foreign policy. The common image of international insecurity means that security policy clearly shapes foreign policy. Expressen is also encouraged that security policy characterizes Foreign Minister Linde's foreign policy. The new foreign declaration is described as "firm and rational" and as a "sobriety in a world increasingly marked by the geopolitical power measurements of the great powers."

"It is excellent that Ann Linde strives to pursue a foreign policy based on Sweden's national interests, rather than blushing idealism." writes the editorial staff.

Sweden's climate policy has also been a topic of discussion. In Aftonbladet, representatives of 11 organizations call on the government to introduce targets for reduced consumption emissions. At present, Sweden takes no responsibility for the consumption emissions that occur outside Sweden, despite the fact that 60 percent of Sweden's consumption emissions actually occur in other countries. Already a year ago, the government promised that the issue would be prepared - but nothing has happened yet, they say.

“When the Swede reduces foreign flights, buys Swedish food with lower emissions than imported or buys more sustainable gadgets, it does not affect the fulfillment of Swedish climate goals. Today's climate goal is about reducing emissions in Swedish production and transport within the country, ”the organizations write.

A selection of the last week's editorial and debate articles about Sweden's role in the world:

Swedish aid

An end date is needed for the assistance
Barbro Hedvall, Today's news 

The foreign declaration

"Equality must be given higher priority in Swedish foreign policy."
Håkan Svenneling, Svd. 

There is a new sheriff at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - thank goodness
The editorial staff, Expressen

Wallström leaves room for a sober consensus
The editorial staff, Dagens Nyheter

The foreign declaration


Sweden's consumption is unsustainable for the climate
Håkan Wirtén et al., Aftonbladet 

"The government needs to review the Climate Step"
Karin Brynell, Svd

Time for more realism in the climate issue
Göran Värmby, Gothenburg Post 

Sweden's relationship with China

UR is doing China another favor by not acknowledging the mistake
Amanda Sokolnicki, Dagens Nyheter 

Israel / Palestine

Scrap Trump's apartheid plan for Israel and Palestine
Anna Wester et al., Dagens ETC

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