Nyamko Sabuni gave his Almedal speech on Monday 5/7, but the global issues did not materialize


Sabuni stays within Sweden in his party leadership

When the Liberals' Nyamko Sabuni speaks as the third party leader during Almedalen Week, she places great focus on integration and school, but in her speech she never leaves Sweden's borders.

It is during Almedalen's second day that Sabuni holds his digital party leadership speech. Although Sabuni talks about both the effects of the pandemic in Sweden and a potential bourgeois government, it is integration, security and school that are the major priorities of the speech. Domestic problems with crime and parallel societies are described, and preschool, school, work and entrepreneurship are declared as the best cures. Although she briefly mentions certain global phenomena, such as extremism and honor killings, these also remain within a national context.

Sabuni talks about the personal defeat and exclusion that is followed by a failed integration, for those who, for example, are not allowed to learn Swedish or who, despite a long time in Sweden, do not get a job. The large focus, on the other hand, is on integration as an issue of security and safety for the rest of Swedish society, and not on the suffering and discrimination that global migration often entails. 

Despite an otherwise great general interest in the climate issue, the issue is omitted entirely from Sabuni's speech, as are global issues in general. Sabuni will be the third party leader who during Almedalen Week chooses to exclude the global aspects of the societal problems mentioned in the speech. 

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