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Current debate

Anxious debate over the US election and increased corona infection

The past week has been marked by the US presidential election where the Democrat Joe Biden finally took home the victory. The debaters have mainly criticized the Republicans' harsh attacks on electoral fraud and recalculation of votes. At the same time, a second round of corona infections in Europe has contributed to discussions.

Arms sales have increased explosively ahead of the US presidential election. Evelyn Shreiber, Southern Sweden, describes that it is not uncommon for arms sales to go up ahead of a presidential election. But due to the uncertain world situation of the pandemic, increasing polarization and increasingly undermined democratic institutions, it is worse than before.

Olof Ehrenkrona, SVD, also describes how the United States is moving towards an increasingly polarized country and that it can be seen in the divided groups of voters. Ehrenkrona writes that the election, already during the election week, has been opened up for an "election law cat cat". This after Trump's statement that he had refused to accept an outcome where he does not get a majority of the electorate votes. Henrik Sundbom writes in SvD that Trump rejected the whole democratic process when he said in Friday's press release that "he will win big if only the" illegal "votes are not counted". According to Sundbom, Trump flagged election fraud as early as 2016 and during the 2018 midterm elections.

Also former Minister of Defense Sten Tolgfors, the express, writes about the deep mistrust and strong contradictions he sees in American society. He describes the difficulty for today's American politicians to conduct serious political work. This is when one candidate can win with a minority of voters, as long as "they are in the right state, really mobilized and the other candidate's voters are demobilized with harsh attacks and subversive campaigns on social media." The fact that voters accept presidential candidates' use of personal attacks and misinformation, Tolgfors believes, is due to too little knowledge about the democratic system. There is a risk that Sweden will follow the same path as the United States, which can be avoided if the focus is on parties' ideas and reforms. Partly on the school's continued misuse of knowledge so that the country's population can make independent choices.

Zina Al-Dewany, Aftonbladet, does not agree with the above debaters. She believes that American politicians have also previously had the election decided in court. George W. won the election in 2000 because it ended up in the Supreme Court. Al-Dewany argues that it is not new for American politicians to use illegitimate methods to secure their position both domestically and internationally. She believes that Trump, when he argues that the election is rigged, is no exception to previous presidents and thus in line with American policy.

Increased spread of the coronavirus

In addition to the US presidential election, the debate has also touched on the increase in coronary heart disease in Sweden and Europe. This is referred to as "Corona Pandemic's Second Round".

Lisa Magnusson, DN, writes about how Denmark's 17 million minks are forced to be killed when a new mutated coronavirus has spread between the animals. This event has started a discussion about animal husbandry. Simply introducing new restrictions is not enough, argues Magnusson, as large-scale animal husbandry has several times before been the reason behind the spread of the virus.

Also professors Magnus Gisslén and Björn Olsen from SvD are concerned about the spread of the genetically modified coronavirus in Denmark. This could have serious consequences as those who have already had COVID-19, and thus gained immunity, may be at risk of becoming infected again. Gisslén and Olsen argue, like Magnusson, that the spread of the virus among minks is another warning example that animal husbandry as an industry needs to change.

The American election

Violence feeds violence. The United States is a powder keg

Evelyn Shreiber, Southern Sweden 

Polarization has taken on another dimension

Olof Ehrenkrona, Svenska Dagbladet 

This is how democracy is undermined from within

Sten Tolgfors, Expressen 

Now you have to stop hypocrisy about Trump

Zina Al-Dewany, Aftonbladet

Lies about electoral fraud are a threat to democracy

Henrik Sundbom, Svenska Dagbladet



The second round of the Corona Pandemic is here

Atle Morseth Edvinsson, Aftonbladet

Let the Danish minks be an alarm clock for the industry that has been snoozing for far too long

Lisa Magnusson, DN

Professors: Kill all minks even in Sweden


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