The Left Party's party leader Nooshi Dadgostar will give a speech in Almedalen on Monday evening. Photo: Fanny Tegman Lindholm.


Nooshi Dadgostar (V) raised climate initiatives and criticism of NATO membership in Almedalen

During Nooshi Dadgostar's (V) party leadership speech during Almedalen Week, she promised new climate initiatives for reduced emissions. She also criticized Magdalena Andersson's (S) NATO agreement with Turkey.

In his party leadership speech during Almedalen Week, Nooshi Dadgostar (V) touched on the climate issue, among other things.

- It is not enough with small efforts. We demand reforms. We want to launch a historically comprehensive investment program, said Nooshi Dadgostar on stage in Almedalen, referring to the proposed increased climate assistance of SEK 700 billion.

During the current term of office, the Left has been among the more ambitious parties regarding climate policy, but has shown a weakening closer to the election on XNUMX September, claims the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in their review of the parliamentary parties' climate policy.

- If we are to reduce our climate impact, we must change the heavy sectors, said Nooshi Dadgostar, but the focus of her speech was mainly on modernization of industry and national investment will, and less on the global link to climate change - despite their election manifesto stating that capitalism and the climate threat has no national borders.

Nooshi Dadgostar also raised the NATO issue and expressed disappointment with Sweden's agreement with Turkey, as the Left Party goes to the polls to create an alliance - free Sweden.

Feminist politics was also highlighted in Nooshi Dadgostar's speech. She called Sweden's foreign policy action passive, but nothing was said about either refugee reception or development aid policy. The focus in Dadgostar's speech was instead the overlooked groups in Sweden, such as pensioners, babysitters and workers. She talked about removing profits in school, breaking segregation and the spring increase of the guarantee pension.

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