Less words and more action in the climate crisis

In my frustration over the current climate crisis and the stress of not doing enough, I have always looked for a scapegoat who must be held accountable. I think many people think and feel like me. I am convinced that we are putting too much energy into finding the culprit for our problem, instead of realizing that we are all part of the problem. Some have a greater responsibility than others, but we have all in some way contributed to where we are today.

But just as we are part of the problem, we are also part of the solution. No one alone can stop climate change. Smart and concrete solutions must be used. We must have greater international cooperation where you can work together on these solutions. The commercial market must become climate-smart, we consumers must start shopping more sustainably and make demands on companies. An example of this is many car manufacturers who have switched to climate-friendly electric cars. In addition, you and I must do what we can and live a life that is kinder to the environment.

I still think that most of us want the same thing, save our fantastic planet, even though there are people and actors who do not think about our planet, but instead about money and their own gain. We should not lose hope but instead do our best. Eventually, we will all be forced to adapt to the new conditions and the changes we need to make. But then we must take action and stop blaming ourselves.

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