The Green Party talks about the climate crisis, but only from a national perspective

In the Green Party's speech, there was, among other things, a focus on what the Green Party is doing to solve the environmental crisis in Sweden. But despite the need for international cooperation, no connections were made to global cooperation.

The Green Party's spokesperson Märta Stenevi began the Green Party's Almedal speech by telling about a city in Canada that recently burned in a forest fire:

- In an instant, all saved memories disappeared in the flames of the climate crisis. But still, the climate crisis is overshadowed by the government crisis.

Stenevi then highlighted how this problem exists across the planet and that the Green Party is in government to stop this development. According to Stenevi, it was the environmental party's policy that led to a focus on environmentally friendly industry. Although the introduction focused on a global issue, climate change, the role of Sweden in this global context was never discussed. Instead, Märta Stenevi wanted the commitment that Swedes show to preserve the rainforest to be shown for our own primeval forest.

The focus on Sweden remained throughout the speech. Stenevi spent a lot of time raising many other political problems in Sweden. Finally, she described how the Green Party would continue to fight for environmentally friendly reforms in Sweden. But even though Stenevi described the environmental problem as "what does it matter which country is best, when no country does what is enough?", The Green Party's vision of international cooperation was omitted from Stenevis Almedalstal.

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