Ulf Kristersson speaks during the last day of the digital Almedalen week 2021


Crime, fatal shootings and segregation in focus during the Moderates' Almedal speech

The moderates painted a dark picture of Sweden in Ulf Kristersson's digital Almedal speech. Crime, shootings and segregation were in focus. The moderates' view of Sweden's role in the world and global development issues was completely lacking.

With a white shirt and rolled up sleeves, Ulf Kristersson declared: - Sweden is in a battle between good and evil, where our most basic values ​​are at stake. Kristersson said he believed in hopefulness, but definitions of various "evils" were in great focus during the speech.

Kristersson mainly highlighted crime, fatal shootings and segregation in his speech. The Moderates' priority was clear: - If we are to win the battle, other things must be set aside, mobilize all of Sweden's resources, and crush crime.

The Moderates' views and suggestions on how we can combat pandemics, climate change and other major global challenges were completely abandoned. 

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