In connection with the People's Republic of China's 70th anniversary celebrations, several debaters warned about the country's influence in the outside world.

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China and the climate in focus in the debate

The debate on Swedish climate policy has been intense after last week's UN summit, new alarm reports and global climate strikes. But China has also been in focus this week. Several debaters warn that human rights violations are spreading far beyond China's borders.

Aftonbladet's lead writer Ingvar Person writes that there is already a changed view of the challenges of the climate issue, thanks to young people's demonstrations that have now been going on for a year. "Many of the companies that are responsible for large emissions today demand clear conditions that drive the transition to more sustainable production," he writes.

Mette Kahlin McVeigh from Fores' think tank believes that the government should carefully base itself on the Climate Policy Council's 16 recommendations when they present Sweden's climate action plan this October. “You have the facts in hand. It is time to roll up our sleeves and implement climate policy, ”she writes.

171 researchers in the humanities and social sciences write in Dagens Nyheter that they want to see pressure from society as a whole to achieve Sweden's emissions targets. According to them, the current political leadership is insufficient and they propose, among other things, that permits for large-scale, emission-intensive activities should be limited.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, proclaimed by Communist leader Mao Zedong in 1949, several debaters are raising their voices. Göteborgs-Posten's lead writer Håkan Boström criticizes Sweden's and the world's naivety in the face of China's ambitions to be a defender of globalization and free trade. "The Chinese government is no longer a fantasy for intellectuals in the West, but a very tangible reality. A model for freedom that Beijing wants to export around the world ", writes Håkan Boström.

In Svenska Dagbladet's leadership position, Gunnar Hökmark raises a warning finger that the dictatorship of China is currently reshaping security policy conditions globally. He believes that it is important that China is part of the global economy, but that it must not lead to them receiving silent criticism from other countries. "We must make it clear that democratic states' criticism of oppression is the rule - not the exception - and must not be hindered," writes Gunnar Hökmark.

Sweden's relationship with Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel is also highlighted in the debate. The Social Democrat Kenneth G Forslund emphasizes the importance of dialogue and diplomacy to promote democracy and human rights. As an example, he cites Sweden's diplomatic - and criticized - talks with Iran's foreign minister this summer, on maritime law and the tanker Stena Imperio. The fact that the ship and the crew have now been released by Iran most likely has a connection with those talks, writes Kenneth G Forslund.


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171 researchers in the humanities and social sciences, Dagens Nyheter

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Frank Götmark and Malte Andersson, Dagens Nyheter

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Martin Kolk, Dagens Nyheter

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