Karl-Anders Larsson, now retired and independent writer who is active in FUF's book club, presents the book "The Hidden Hand" - about China's economic strategies.


China is everywhere

All people today are affected by China's development. To understand the big issues today and in the future, it is necessary to study the Chinese system. This applies to economic and political issues and perhaps most of all climate and environment. China is always the biggest.

China's model is no longer just a national development strategy, despite the obvious nationalist element. It has more and more developed into a strategy for global expansion. It is a strategy that differs from classical imperialism, which was mainly motivated by economic factors. The Chinese strategy is about total expansion in all areas. It contains both state and private economic factors, but the party's interests are always overriding and are above all ideological. The goal is to introduce a completely new global culture where concepts such as democracy and human rights are totally redefined.

The methods for this are well exemplified in a book released this year - "The Hidden Hand", written by Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg. Fundamental to Chinese expansion is the creation of an alternative global institutional structure that may eventually take over the Western post-war structure. The best examples so far are the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). China's actions in the UN are another example.

China's global strategy is not primarily about reaping benefits through trade and investment, nor is it about direct political power. The main purpose is to create a secure world for Chinese development under the leadership of the Communist Party. Security is created primarily through the dissemination of ideas and culture, and the Chinese approach to all important issues. But of course also through military power, as evidenced by the country's rapidly rising military spending.

This book shows, through countless examples in different areas and in different countries, how China is always involved as a player. It's a scary picture, but we must not turn a blind eye to it. Therefore, this is an important book.

For those who want to continuously update themselves about China, the Swedish news site is recommended China media, run by journalist Jojje Olsson.

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