The former peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi is an actor who drives development in the wrong direction, writes Gunnar Jonsson in DN. Photo: Claude TRUONG-NGOC

Current debate

The nuclear agreement is further debated

The EU's free trade program is a way out of poverty for many countries in the global south, but the left and EU protectionism prevent countries from taking part in it, writes Christofer Fjellner, moderate member of the European Parliament. The debate about the UN's nuclear weapons agreement continues on Swedish leadership and debate pages, where the focus of the debate is whether Sweden should sign the agreement or not.

Gunnar Jonsson writes in DN about the halted democratization in Myanmar and how the former peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi is an actor who drives development in the wrong direction. He is critical of the fact that Aun San Suu Kyi will not release two imprisoned journalists from the news agency Reuters. "The generals have certainly retained much of their power. But Aung San Suu Kyi, for his part, has completely ignored the fate of the Rohingya and accused the outside world of slandering the country. She could ensure that the reporters are pardoned, but has instead defended the unjust sentences ", writes Gunnar Jonsson.

Furthermore, this week's debate has been about the UN's nuclear agreement, which Sweden has not yet signed. The critical voices believe that all investigations and consultation responses are clear: the nuclear weapons agreement is only a poster policy and Expressen's editorial board concludes its post in the debate by writing that “a signing would seriously damage Sweden's security interests. It would complicate future Swedish NATO membership and risk today's close defense cooperation with the United States ".

Foreign Minister Margot Wallström writes in Svenska Dagbladet that the risk of nuclear use is one of the fateful issues of our time and that the issue is more acute and relevant today than in decades. Wallström continues that the government's priority for the coming term of office is global disarmament of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. Margot Wallström sees this as obvious and necessary in today's development of the world around her.

Christofer Fjellner, moderate EU member, writes in Omvärlden that the left's protectionism is an obstacle to the development of poorer countries. Fjellner believes that "Free trade is one of the best ways to lift countries out of poverty". The EU's free trade program's preference system GSP provides tariff relief for poor countries and now that it is to be reshaped, Fjellner believes that the left and other protectionist forces in the EU want to reshape the program in such a way that the recipient countries would find it difficult to live up to the requirements. It is detrimental to the economies of these countries, says Fjellner.


"Heroine Aung San Suu Kyi has become a coward"
Gunnar Jonsson, DN

Nuclear Weapons Agreement

"We focus on the threat from nuclear weapons"
Margot Wallström, SvD

"Listen to ÖB and fimpa the UN's nuclear ban"
The editorial staff, Expressen

EU free trade program

"The left's EU protectionism keeps countries in poverty"
Christofer Fjellner (M), The outside world

The financial industry

"Politicians must correct the financial industry's systemic errors"
Anna Lindenfors, Georg Andrén, Ulrika Urey, Karin Lexén, Jakob König and Jan Bertoft, DN


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