If you own the profits from a polluting business, you also have a responsibility to deal with those negative consequences. Photo: Ryan Lackey, Flickr.


Capital means power and power means responsibility

Capital pollutes the environment, not people. The environmental and climate debate therefore requires a new division of responsibilities based on the world's extreme climate inequality, says Marcus Karlén, who is involved in FUF's local group Stockholm Södra.

100 companies account for over 70 percent of the world's emissions, according to study from Stockholm Resilience Center. For that very reason, the individual's aviation, meat, consumption and climate shame must be moved from the world's almost 8 billion inhabitants to 100 international CEOs. We must realize that our planetary survival today is found in 100 AGMs.

The National Audit Office states that Swedish households pay 20 times more in climate taxes than the business community. Sweden's business community stands for 80 percent of the country's emissions. Today's system is indeed inefficient and unfair. Individuals without big capital lack the power to influence and can therefore never become a galleon figure for others' lack of responsibility. No individual outside Sweden's or the world's capital elite will ever be close to the large companies' imaginary sums for emissions and environmental impact.

In addition, a handful of companies produce almost all of the world's pesticides and palm oil. Therefore, continue to discover the world, stop compensating for the climate and do not become enslaved by the table of contents. As an individual without a massive equity portfolio, millions of active environmentally and climate-smart choices are required to correspond to a new sustainability clause in one of the world's climate destructive companies.

There is a lack of basic understanding that capital means power and that responsibility must be the consequence. Your responsibility as an individual in climate change corresponds to the thickness of your wallet - minimally in today's extreme climate inequality. If you belong to a capital-intensive, polluting company, your environmental and climate responsibility should have existed since the first global climate alarm report.

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