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How can we achieve a world without hunger?

One of the global goals for sustainable development is to eradicate world hunger. But how will it become a reality? Listen to our interview with Anne Poulsen on the UN's food program WFP.

The countries of the world have agreed on 17 global goals for sustainable development. The aim was to improve everyone's lives. The goals must be met by 2030. Goal 2 - Eradicate hunger - is about ending hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture. This goal is prioritized by the UN Food Program WFP, the world's largest humanitarian actor working on hunger.

This podcast from FUF Lund discusses, among other things, the role of technology in promoting food security in the world. We had the honor of interviewing Anne Poulsen, head of the UN's food program WFP's Nordic office.

The podcast is in English. It is also available to listen to where you usually find podcasts. Search for the FUF podcast.

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