Pedestrians outside the Government House in the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis. Photo: UNDP Climate. Source: Flickr.


Increased cost of living in Mauritius - now the government is declared distrustful

After weeks of protests in Mauritius, a motion of censure is currently pending against the government as a result of increased living costs - which has led to a debate in parliament.

Tuesday, May 10 debated the leader of the Mauritian opposition, Xavier-Luc Duval, against the government's handling of increased living costs and the current coronary restrictions in the country. The declaration of no confidence is the country's first in 26 years. Prices have risen drastically for gas, petrol, food and public transport, which has increased the cost of living for the entire Mauritian population.

Duval demanded, among other things, increased pensions and minimum wages as well as reduced taxes on petrol. He also criticized the government's coronary restrictions, in particular the current requirement for oral protection that many other countries have chosen to remove, while the Mauritian population risks fines if the law is not followed. Duval also highlighted a number of corruption scandals that have been directed against the government and questioned why the country is still postponing the municipal elections with reference to Covid-19.

- What stops the government from holding municipal elections? Nothing. They just do not want to meet their voters, said Duval on Tuesday. 

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