Ebba Busch presents the digital Almedalen Week's second party leadership speech in the Riksdag


Global development issues received no attention in the Christian Democrats' Almedal speech

In the Christian Democrats' party leadership speech during the first day of Almedalen Week, Ebba Busch focused on three areas: the care queues, crime and the division of the country. Global development issues were completely omitted.

Great focus on Sweden through three domestic policy priorities in Ebba Busch's Almedal speech: the care queues, crime and the division of the country. During the speech, it was emphasized that care needs to be freed from a bureaucratic organization that has created long care queues and caused insufficient care. With a serious tone, Ebba Busch also emphasized that crime needs to be fought through new legislation that helps to counteract cultures of silence in vulnerable areas.

However, most of the party leadership was devoted to pointing out how the red-green policy's increased investment in the big cities affects freedom of movement and growth in our rural areas. Busch emphasized that freedom of movement in and between rural areas needs to be increased through improved infrastructure and a more car-friendly policy so that we can continue to export and increase growth in our smaller cities. At the same time, Ebba Busch emphasized that Sweden is and will be a world leader in climate change. How a more car-friendly policy is connected with this vision was not developed in the speech and how the Christian Democrats view Sweden's role and are responsible for achieving international climate agreements and sustainability goals was not mentioned either. 

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