Global issues were completely omitted in Dadgostar's first Almedal speech as party leader

Demands for significant political action were in focus during Nooshi Dadgostar Almedalstal. Sweden's role in the world and action on global development - was completely abandoned.

As the first speaker during the digital Almedalen week, Nooshi Dadgostar focused mainly on the reconstruction of Swedish welfare. The speech did not touch on topics outside the Swedish borders and the global development issues thus had limited space. 

Dadgostar indirectly touched on the issue of global development when she raised how climate change creates the conditions for a new era of greatness for Swedish industry. Electric cars from Volvo and carbon dioxide-free iron sponge from the mining and mineral group LKAB were seen as Sweden's future. On the other hand, Sweden or these Swedish companies were never put into a global perspective. How this new era will be compatible with international environmental goals and the UN's Agenda 2030 was not explained. Dadgostar instead talked about the lack of political trade power to implement domestic policy changes.

Dadgostar also made it clear that the Left Party would no longer be a support party for the Social Democrats, but instead always demand political influence. We did not get an answer to what this means for global development issues in this speech either.

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