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How are you today? Feeling good is not just about absence from illness, but the whole well-being comes into play. This includes not least SRHR; sexual and reproductive health. SRHR affects all people, of all ages, throughout the life cycle. Every individual must have access to equal care and knowledge. But does this mean that everyone should be treated equally despite individual needs? And when does help and support become a weakness that in the long run hurts more than heals? Among other things, you can read about menstrual leave and "period poverty", harmful traditions such as genital mutilation and a look into the future of free abortion. The importance of disseminating knowledge is particularly striking: that a responsive state, an organized civilian population and individual human rights defenders have an important role to play. Problems and solutions, advantages and disadvantages, rights and obligations. Here they are all weighed against each other.

Let the discussion begin!

This is a chronicle. The author is responsible for analysis and opinions in the text.

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