"Israeli authorities exercising apartheid against Palestinians must be held accountable," Amnesty International wrote in a report released in February. Photo / source: Canva.


Continued unrest in Israel and Palestine

The expulsion of Palestinians from their homes continues in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and in Israel. At the same time, Amnesty International has released a report claiming that Israel's treatment of Palestinians constitutes apartheid.

In Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Palestinians are still being forced out of their homes. Protests against Israeli authorities' plans to expel Palestinian Bedouins in the Naqab region of Israel to deforest the area met at the beginning of the year of repressive violence. Protesters were met by tear gas from drones and rubber-coated metal bullets. Someone as young as twelve years old was arrested and detained. According to many, the expulsion, protests and violence from authorities share similarities "The Unity Uprising" which occurred in May 2021 in the Sheikh Jarrah residential area of ​​occupied East Jerusalem - an area where Palestinian families are still threatened with eviction. Witnesses claim that children as young as nine years have been met with violence of Israeli police there.

In early February this year released Amnesty International a report that concluded that Israel's treatment of Palestinians, as in the examples above, corresponds to apartheid. Amnesty therefore calls on the International Criminal Court to include apartheid, classified as a crime against humanity, in its ongoing investigation of the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

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