US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently presented a six billion dollar aid package to Ukraine - which the Democrats had actually hoped would arrive in August 2023. Image: Chad J. McNeely. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


After deadlock in the Congress: the US presents a new billion-dollar military package to Ukraine

A military aid package worth six billion dollars will help Ukraine replenish its weapons stockpiles, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced in slate April. The support is part of a larger aid package that was voted on by Congress after a months-long standstill. The package gives Ukraine much of the equipment that the country has requested - but not all. 

The support package, which corresponds to approximately SEK 65 billion, refers to deliveries of weapons and other military equipment to the country. The priority list includes ammunition for various anti-aircraft systems, artillery ammunition and armored vehicles. 

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi have specifically requested more Patriot air defense systems critical to protecting against Russian robots. The US has previously assisted with such air defense systems. However, Defense Secretary Austin announced that the US will provide Ukraine with additional Patriot missiles to the systems already in place in the country, and not provide more systems to launch them from. 

Accordant SVT's US correspondent Fouad Youcefi it will probably only take a few days for the first deliveries to take place. However, it will probably take a longer time and deliveries in several rounds before the entire support package is in place in Ukraine.  

The support is part of the larger international support package that was adopted at the end of April. After it was voted through in the American Congress, on April 24, US President Joe Biden signed a new law that establishes increased financial support for the great power's allies. The package includes a total of approximately 95 billion dollars. Most of this, close to 61 billion dollars (corresponding to approximately 667 billion kroner), is to be allocated to Ukraine. "No matter what anyone says, we are getting the support we need to continue protecting lives from Russian attacks," President Zelensky signed X after the announcement.  

The package also includes support for other countries that are allies with the United States. 26 billion dollars will go to the war between Israel and Hamas, of which, among other things, 4 billion will replenish Israel's missile stockpile and 9 billion will be given humanitarian aid to Gaza. About eight billion dollars goes to Taiwan and allies in the Pacific region. 

Delayed support

Already in August 2023 Biden asked an increase in military support for Ukraine, but several Republican representatives have opposed to additional support package. This created a months-long stalemate during which Russia has advanced, including around the city Avdijivka, and Ukraine has been forced ration ammunition. The aid package that has now been hammered through means the end of this stalemate. In the US House of Representatives' final vote, all Democratic representatives voted for the package. Of the Republicans, 101 voted in favor and 112 against. 

- We have said from the beginning that it is our goal to see a democratic, independent and sovereign Ukraine that has the ability to defend itself and deter future aggression. You see us working toward that goal, not only with the capabilities we provide Ukraine with in the current battle, but with the things that help Ukraine build for the future, Defense Secretary Austin said in connection with the announcement of the aid package. 

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