During the past week, several debaters have commented on the new "Russian law" in Georgia and the demonstrations against it. Photo: Der Fuchs. Source: Wikimedia commons.

Current debate

Week 20: Debaters stand up for protesters in Georgia after new 'Russian law'

The new "ryuck-friendly" sheet and the mass demonstrations i Georgia has awakened reactions på the opinion pages i Sweden. The debaters baker including of to EU borders make sea for to support the Georgian people and to the material moisture meter shows you the svenska governmentens increased assistance to country borders to be en "sobering up" ford applies Sweden roll i World.  

On Tuesday last week, the new "Russian law" was voted through in the Georgian parliament, despite mass demonstrations in the country. The law means that all organizations in the country must register as "foreign agents" if they receive 20 percent or more of their funding from abroad, which means that they will be scrutinized extra hard by the authorities. In Sweden, several debaters fear the law's consequences for Georgia's future.  

- It is telling that no one takes to the streets to ask to be included under Moscow's sphere of interest, writes lead writer Linda Jerneck in Expressen.  

She points to figures that show that a clear majority in Georgia, 80 percent, is currently fighting a strong political elite. The same figure is repeated when Sydsvenskan's lead writer Moa Berglöf comments the intensive course of events of the demonstrations. She believes that the EU must ensure that the demonstrations have not been in vain during such a critical period for the country's future. 

- In October, the country also goes to parliamentary elections, so it is important to get enough support from the West to be able to persevere, writes Berglöf. 

Sweden's minister for aid and foreign trade, Johan Forssell (M), also comments on the situation in Georgia. IN Svenska Dagbladet he describes how the Georgian flag was constantly seen with the flags of the EU and Ukraine when he recently visited the country. 

- It is obvious that people want to see their future in Europe, not as part of the Russian sphere of interest. 

He points out that Sweden has therefore increased aid to Georgian civil society, which, among other things, goes towards democracy work, free elections and the fight against corruption.

- We will continue to support the Georgian people and their desire for freedom, writes Forssell. 

I Dagens Nyheter editorial writer Max Hjelm praises the Swedish government's support for civil society in Georgia. He believes that the support is vital to protect the rights of LGBTQI people, democracy and to combat corruption. Hjelm is therefore also looking beyond Georgia's borders and hopes that the support for the country is a "wake-up call" for the government. 

- The government and SD have previously cut aid. Hopefully, the increased funding is a first sign of a revival regarding Sweden's place in the world. 

The demonstrations in Georgia

No one braves the rain to join Russia 

Linda Jerneck, editorial writer, Expressen 

The EU must not let Georgia down, even though the leaders are doing it now. 

Moa Berglöf, editorial writer, Sydsvenskan 

As Europeans, we must stand up for Georgia's young people 

Johan Forssell (M), Sweden's minister of aid and foreign trade, Svenska Dagbladet 

Good that the government supports the Georgian freedom struggle - let it be a wake-up call 

Max Hjelm, editorial writer, Dagens Nyheter 

The EU elections, democracy and right-wing parties

The EU must not budge an inch when it comes to democracy 

Therese Svanström, chairman of TCO, Altinget 

If we don't vote, the extreme right grows 

Birger Schlaug, editorial writer, Dagens ETC 

Putin knows which party he can trust in the election 

Susanna Kierkegaard, editorial writer, Aftonbladet 

The EU's democracy is at stake 

Stefan Löfven (S) in interview with Ingvar Persson, editorial writer, Aftonbladet 

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