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Following the recent bombings in Syria, an additional 700 people have been forced to flee their homes. Photo: Pexels

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Debaters demand that the EU help the refugees in Syria

The latest military airstrikes in Syria have forced more than 700 people to flee in already war-torn Syria. Many debaters believe that the new refugee crisis requires EU support.

The EU must act and help the thousands of Syrian refugees who have nowhere to go. This is what Jan Egeland, Secretary General of the aid organization Norwegian Refugee Council, says when he is interviewed in Svt's Agenda.

"It is really insane that it does not lead to greater global attention, much greater attention in the world capitals, and much greater diplomatic efforts to rescue these hundreds of thousands of civilians who are on the run," said Egeland.

He also believes that more influential countries such as Sweden and Germany should take the responsibility to convey "that we in Europe must receive refugees and distribute them among ourselves".

In connection with the fact that Syrian government forces - with the support of both Russia and Iran - have succeeded in escalating the offensive against the rebel-controlled province of Idlib, DN's editorial staff writes that it is only a matter of time before the EU is forced to “make efforts to deal with Syria and its millions refugees ”.

Dagens ETC's lead writer Somar Al Naher also claims that the EU is capable of helping the Syrian refugees and that the current situation cannot be overlooked.

"The fact that families with children are trapped in Idlib province completely trapped between warring parties can never be accepted," writes Al Naher.

Linked to the situation described by Jan Egeland as "the worst expulsion of civilians in the worst war of our generation", Al Naher emphasizes that both the EU - but especially Sweden - will be "forced" to help.


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