The development aid debate will be Utvecklingsmagasinet

The development aid debate has long been an active platform for discussion and debate on global development issues. Last year, the Aid Debate moved to and became part of a digital magazine. Now we change the name to Utvecklingsmagasinet.

The Development Magazine will continue in the spirit of the Development Aid debate and call for a knowledge-based debate on global development issues. In Utvecklingsmagasinet on you can find:

  • Debate articles written by experts in global development
  • A weekly summary of the debate on global development on Swedish opinion pages
  • Reports, chronicles, interviews and other articles written by our non-profit editorial staff. It consists of young people involved in global development.
  • Reports from our foreign correspondents around the world.
  • A calendar that brings together seminars and events on global development around Sweden.

On our other site,, you can find the document archive that was previously on Bistå There are bills, reports and investigations on Swedish development cooperation from the 1960s to today.

The development aid debate has long been an active player on Facebook and Twitter. Even there, we are now changing our name to Utvecklingsmagasinet (@utvmagasinet).

So why does the Development Aid debate change its name?

Firstly, we monitor much more than just aid. The focus is on global development and Sweden's role in the world. And development assistance is only a small part of Sweden's influence over global development. Trade, tourism, security and climate are examples of areas where Sweden's and Swedes' actions are of great importance for the world's development. That is why we also monitor them.

Secondly, Utvecklingsmagasinet is much more than a debate platform. It is a digital magazine that provides space for debate as well as knowledge and new perspectives from the world.

We hope you enjoy and take part in the new Utvecklingsmagasinet.

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