Jimmie Åkesson gives his party leadership speech during the digital Almedalen week 2021


Åkesson paints a dark picture of Sweden and criticizes multiculturalism in his digital Almedal speech

Insecurity in Sweden is our most serious problem, says the Sweden Democrats' party leader Jimmie Åkesson during Almedalen's fourth party leadership speech. This speech also omits global development issues and international cooperation during Almedalen Week 2021.

The pursuit of a safer Sweden and migration was in focus during the Sweden Democrats' Almedal speech. Despite the connection of migration to global development issues and the need for international cooperation, the Sweden Democrats made no references to any such. 

Party leader Jimmie Åkesson opened his speech with the poem Svea from 1811 whose motive was once to bring together a divided Sweden. The poem set a nationalistic tone that was present throughout Åkesson's speech. 

The Sweden Democrats emphasized the pursuit of security in a country which, according to Åkesson, is divided. To counteract these divisions, Åkesson asked his voters not to listen to what he calls the "left-liberal establishment's" beautifying image of Sweden's present. In the speech, Åkesson also emphasized that the Sweden Democrats, who define multiculturalism as an evil and false "extremist over-ideology", want to see a more humble government that distances itself from the non-Swedish. 

Finally, Åkesson mentioned the COVID-19 pandemic, but despite the need for international cooperation to avoid future pandemics and combat the current situation, the party leader omitted the link to international cooperation. 

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