Live talk: The development assistance budget 2022 - what Sweden is doing internationally

Here you come to the live broadcast. 

The development assistance budget for 2022 has just been presented and the one per cent target remains - that is, the government annually allocates at least one percent of Sweden's GNI to development assistance. Thus, development assistance for 2022 amounts to around SEK 57 billion. The Association for Development Issues, FUF, has for more than 20 years arranged presentations and discussions with those politically responsible for development cooperation in connection with the presentation of the development assistance budget.

Welcome to a conversation with the Minister for Development Aid Per Olsson Fridh and Secretary of State Janine Alm Ericson. Lennart Wohlgemuth and Alice Mutambala from FUF leads the conversation which will focus on the motives and priorities for development assistance. The increased need for humanitarian aid in the troubled world we live in right now and the issue of Sweden's implementation of Agenda 2030 will be discussed. The work of advancing the Swedish position in terms of work with the universal values ​​that Sweden prioritises both in its development assistance and in its foreign policy - gender equality, the environment and human rights are also some of them.

How does the Ministry for Foreign Affairs work with these issues today? Is there a clear strategy for how Sweden should conduct the dialogue within the framework of the UN and its bodies, the financial institutions, international NGOs and the EU? How does the government cooperate with its authorities, civil society and business? How does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs work to strengthen democracy in the world and what is the interest in global issues in the midst of a world pandemic?

Welcome to us!

The call will also be recorded and will be available afterwards on FUF's YouTube channel Fufplay. 

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