The global work for increased gender equality - From theory to practice

Increased gender equality is one of the 17 global goals in the UN Agenda 2030. What does this really mean and why is it important? What does an equal world look like and how can we get there? How is gender equality work affected in times where a global pandemic dominates? How can we go from theory to practice?

FUF invites you to online conversations to analyze these issues, discuss the global development work with two knowledgeable people in the field: Sida's alumni Nora Ullman and Åsa Thomasson from CONCORD. The conversation will discuss the issues through Nora and Åsa's experiences of how global development assistance work can be strengthened through global gender equality work. 

Nora Ullman is an expert on them Global goals for sustainable development, and has delved specifically into Objective 5 - Gender Equality. With training in development issues, Nora has also carried out fieldwork in Nepal with a focus on women's autonomy. With her practical experience and academic background, Nora has both knowledge of what gender equality work can look like at the grassroots level and an understanding of the role of gender equality in global development as a whole.

Åsa Thomasson works as a policy coordinator CONCORD. CONCORD is a platform that brings together Sweden's organizations that, through international collaborations, examine sustainability and development aid policy in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world. CONCORD Sweden is part of CONCORD Europe, which works together to influence the EU and its aid work. With Åsa's good insight and knowledge in development aid work, she will present how the work is carried out and how countries work together to achieve the Global Goals.

This conversation is for everyone who wants to learn more about global development work and how it affects and improves the possibility of an increased equal world.

The call takes place in Swedish, via the program Zoom and requires pre-registration. Registration closes on 15/10 at 23:55. Have you not used Zoom before? Contact FUF's office in good time, as the technical support is limited when the call is in progress.


The conversation is organized by FUF's event group, which consists of young non-profit members in the Stockholm area. click here to learn more about the event group and how you can get involved.

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