Conflict minerals - is your technology part of the war in Congo?

Without metals and minerals, our cell phones, computers or cars would not work. But where do these metals come from, and what role does extraction play in war-torn countries such as the Congo?

"Conflict minerals" has become the name for minerals and metals whose extraction supports and contributes to conflicts. What is the life like for the more than a million children who work in mines around the world, including Congo, and why is there a risk that your mobile phone has brought income to warlords?

As a researcher at the organization Swedwatch, Therese Sjöström has visited mines in Congo, Zambia, Colombia and Myanmar, among other places. We have invited Therese for an armchair talk about conflict minerals. Come and learn more about the reality behind many of our electronic products, in terms of their impact on people and the environment.

We offer coffee. Warm welcome!

The armchair call is arranged by FUF's seminar group which consists of young non-profit committed members in the Stockholm area. The room is half a flight of stairs down without a lift and the seminar is held in Swedish. 

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