Communication course

Now it's finally time for FUF's annual communication course "Depicting the world"! For two days we will through workshops and lectures learn about journalistic writing, social media, communicate through images and how to report on other countries without reinforcing stereotypes or prejudices.

For who?
The communication course is aimed at everyone who is non-profit active in FUF's communication groups and local groups. If there are places left over, other members of FUF will also have the opportunity to participate.

The course will take place the weekend of 19-20 October 2019. On Saturday, October 19, the course will take place at 09.00-17.00 and on Sunday 20 October, the course takes place at 09.00-15.30. We prefer that you are with both days, but if for some reason you can only be with one day, it also works well.

The course will be held in Forum Syd's premises at Alsnögatan 7 in Stockholm. The nearest bus stop is the London Viaduct (buses leave from Slussen).

What does the course contain?
On Saturday we will learn how to portray the world in an ethical and neat way. We are visited by the freelance journalist Erik Halkjaer who will talk about what it is like to report on global sustainability issues and human rights. Erik is chairman of Reporters Without Borders in Sweden and has broad knowledge of both journalism and communication - he has primarily written about Africa and Latin America. The rest of the day will be about communicating through photos and social media; among other things, we will focus on how to avoid reinforcing prejudices and stereotypes.

On Sunday, we focus on journalistic writing - we learn to write better texts through various workshops and practical exercises. Our editor Kerstin Edquist will lead the day. Kerstin has many years of experience working as a journalist, including in Latin America.

The course is free. Lunch and coffee are included both days. Only representatives from the local groups can receive any travel allowance. FUF does not have the opportunity to cover other costs in connection with the course (eg housing costs). However, we can help find accommodation in Stockholm if needed.

Register for the course no later than October 16 by contacting Sara Strandell Dalius ( and stating any allergies. Also let us know if you can be there during the whole weekend or just one of the days.

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