Climate - a security issue

Climate change not only causes direct problems such as food shortages, droughts or extreme weather - it can also increase the risk of long-term safety challenges. To find solutions to these challenges, SIPRI, Stockholm's international peace research institute, conducts research on climate-related security risks. Since 2018, SIPRI has hosted an expert group that has produced reports from Iraq, Lake Chad, Somalia and Central Asia, the purpose of which has been to draw attention to how affected actors can counteract the risks.

What security risks can be linked to climate change? What are context-based vulnerabilities, and what basic concepts can help us understand them? And what can the international community really do?

We have invited Karolina Eklöw who works in the expert group's secretariat and is a research assistant on SIPRI's program for climate change and risks, for an armchair talk on climate and security. Karolina is a trained political scientist and has previously practiced at Sweden's UN representation in New York during her time on the Security Council. Her research focuses on climate change, security and institutional change.

We offer coffee and something hot to drink. Warm welcome!

The armchair call is arranged by FUF's seminar group which consists of young non-profit committed members in the Stockholm area. The room is half a flight of stairs down without a lift and pthe seminar is held in Swedish.

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