Photo left: Gage Skidmore. Source: Flickr. Photo (right): 總統府. Source: Flickr.

China and the geopolitical power game

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In just a few decades, China - the one-party state that has moved in an increasingly authoritarian direction under the leadership of Xi Jinping - has developed into the largest foreign trading nation in the world, and the country with the second largest economy. This dramatic development has created a new geopolitical situation that affects the entire global system. In the US Security Strategy 2022, China is described as “America's greatest geopolitical challenge". While the US is expanding its alliances in East Asia, China's presence in the global south is growing. At the same time, China's economy is facing increasing domestic difficulties in an increasingly protectionist global economy.

What challenges does this pose for China? and the outside world? Where is the country going? And can the US and China build the safety nets required to coexist peacefully and stably, or will the areas of conflict increase?

We welcome Börje Ljunggren, former ambassador in i.a. China and author of "The Chinese dream – Xi, the power and the challenges”, to the FUF armchair. Rolf Carlman, vice chairman of FUF, leads the conversation where participants are invited to ask questions.

The conversation takes place at FUF's office on Thursday 7 December at 17.30-19.00. We offer coffee! The number of places is limited and pre-registration is required no later than December 7 at 12.00.


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