Information for internship organizations

Does your organization work with global issues and development cooperation? Do you want to give a student insight into working life at the same time as you get the opportunity to take part in the latest in the academic discourse? Then you should apply to FUF's Internship Program!

Receiving an intern is an excellent opportunity for mutual exchange and we strive for a win-win situation where the intern and workplace get as much positive out of each other as possible.

Read more about what it takes to receive an intern in the documents below.

A collaboration with FUF's Internship Program means in short:

  • You as an organization submit an advertisement to FUF (after reading the conditions and tips).
    If the internship placement requires knowledge of Swedish, write the advertisement in Swedish. Otherwise, write the ad in English (see links to the respective ad forms below).
    Please note that you can only apply for ONE intern!
  • FUF selects internships in accordance with the program's goals and scope. Our ambition is to get a variety of locations and tasks and whose profiles match our candidate bank.
  • You spread information about the internship through your channels and FUF markets the places to Swedish universities and colleges, polytechnics and other channels.
  • FUF receives the applications and matches them against all places in the internship bank (the candidates only send one application to all places).
  • FUF sends 4-6 candidates to the internships who conduct interviews and agreements with selected candidates.
  • The trainee is then invited to the program and participates in parallel with the internship (which is full-time for an entire semester) in a competence and network program.


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