Time to take the step from theory to practice? Apply to FUF's Internship Program!

Are you a student and interested in global issues and development cooperation? In addition to your theoretical studies, do you want to gain insight into what happens in workplaces that deal with these issues? Then you should apply to FUF's Internship Program!

FUF provides approximately 40 internships each semester to our members who study an internship course (equivalent to 30 credits). The internship takes place at companies, authorities and organizations that work with global development issues. At present, we do not offer internships abroad but only internships in Sweden.

During the internship semester, the interns also receive competence development in the form of courses, workshops and study visits. It also includes several networking opportunities. Under the following link you can see an example of the Program's career seminar - The roads to development jobs.

In short, the program means that you:

  • submits ONE application and matches against all locations
  • in parallel with your semester-long full-time internship, participate in a skills development program
  • is part of a network of other trainees

To apply for an internship through FUF, you need:

  • read any of the following:
    • 30 credits of internship at a Swedish university / college during the internship (Unfortunately, 15 credits is not enough)
    • 100YH LiA at a Swedish polytechnic
    • be admitted to the Swedish Public Employment Service's work experience for an entire semester (20 weeks)
  • to be member of FUF (student members pay SEK 150 / year)

Internships vary from semester to semester, during The internship bank you see which places are relevant to search and the link to the application. The ads are normally published about 4-6 months before the internship period begins. Should you have an internship during ex. In the spring term, you apply for an internship at the beginning of the autumn term.

Before you submit your application - do not miss to read FUF's Application Tips (right).

Also feel free to watch our three films that guide you through what the Internship Program is, how to apply and what happens if you are accepted. You will find them in the playlist on the right.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact Ronja Bäckström praktik@fuf.se

FUF's Internship Program is implemented in collaboration with Sida and is part of the national work to ensure the availability of relevant and broad competence in Sweden in the long term. It also aims to create an increased interest in global development issues in Swedish society in general.


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