Tips for recruiters


Further reading for a more inclusive recruitment process:


Make Equal's toolbox with exercises, tip bank, web training etc. for practical equality work.


Fättviseformedlingen's tips for recruiters to get around our own unconscious biases.


DO's "Hundred opportunities to recruit without discriminating", a compilation of what the research community, both nationally and internationally, says about risks of discrimination in recruitment.

Expand the standard's manual "White, black or brown - manual on active measures linked to skin color", for knowledge and tools to be able to actively work against discrimination based on skin color in workplaces. Published by the Stockholm County Administrative Board in 2019.

"White privilege and discrimination", a report on racism in working life and the various mechanisms that create and perpetuate inequality linked to skin colour. Published by the Stockholm County Administrative Board in 2021.

"Equal recruitment in a digital world", a report on challenges with equal digitization and recruitment and methods and tips for more inclusive recruitment. Produced by Jämställ Utveckling Skåne in collaboration with Region Skåne 2022.


"This is how you make recruitment trans-inclusive". Post published on in 2017.




Feel free to tell us about more good reading!

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