Interview with Ronja

Hello Ronja Bäckström, program manager for the Internship program VT 2022 -VT 2023!

Application for FUF: s Internship program for the autumn semester 2023 is now open. What does the pressure look like on this year's application? 

Right now we are at the very beginning of the process, but already the majority of applications have come in. In recent semesters, we have seen an increased interest in the program, which is very fun but it also makes the competition increases. Therefore is it is important to think through how you write your application.  

What is then good to think about when writing your application, do you have any tips? 

Two questions to start from when writing your application are firstly what your goal is with the internship, secondly what you can contribute with.  

For the first question, you can think about what you want to get out of the internship and try to highlight it in the application, for example that you want to gain experience in government work, that you want to work with advocacy work or deepen your knowledge of human rights.  

You answer the second question by highlighting your experiences, knowledge and interests, perhaps you are a skilled communicator, a whiz at project management or have skills in a specific language, area or geographical context. Read in the advertisements what is in demand and justify how the internship will benefit from choosing you.   

During this time, I usually get a lot of questions about the program and the application. We have therefore compiled our best tips HERE! 

New for this year is that you must answer selection questions instead of sending in a personal letter. What does that mean and why has FUF chosen to do so?

As a step in creating a more competence-based and efficient recruitment process, we have chosen to replace the personal letter with selection questions. Our hope with this is to make it easier for you as an applicant, promote objectivity in our recruitments and guide candidates in which parts are especially important to highlight in their application. Think through what is actually being asked for in each question, be concise and make sure you really answer the question and give clear examples.

If you are going to apply before the autumn semester - remember to download the template with selection questions before starting your application. This must be uploaded completed together with your CV in the application.

Who can apply to the program, what are the requirements? 

You need to be enrolled in a practice course at 30 credits at a Swedish university or college or the equivalent at a Swedish university of applied sciences or the Employment Agency. Please note that you do not need to be enrolled at the time of application, but it is important that you refers to be that during the coming semester.

To apply, you also need to be member in FUF. A membership in FUF gives you, in addition to the opportunity to apply for the internship program, also invitations to exciting events and trainings. With your membership, you also support FUF's work in conducting debate and commitment to global issues such as the climate crisis, human rights or peace and conflicts in the world.

What orientations are there for the spring semester internship places? 

We have 41 places and they can be found at authorities, organizations and companies that work with global sustainable development. Mdesirous rights, equality issues, democracy and environmental issues are some of the orientations found, to name just a few! 

Which profiles are in demand? 

Many of the placements ask for experience in communication and influence work. Although experiences and interest in project management and research are highlighted by several. Language skills, in addition to English, is also meritorious for many positions, so feel free to highlight that in both the CV and application form.  

But what does it really mean to be an intern through FUF, how does it differ from a "normal" internship? 

As an intern through FUF, you are part of a wonderful group of like-minded people who also want to work for a fairer and more sustainable world. FUF wants to be a bridge between studies and working life. Therefore, the trainees are offered in addition to the practical work experience also skills development and a large network. This takes place through, among other things, training opportunities, study visits and social gatherings. 

Okay, finally, what happens after the February 19 application deadline? 

After the application deadline, I go through applications and the matching work begins. If you are eligible for a placement, you will receive a request via email that you need to answer in order to be recommended further to the organization you have been matched against. The organization then takes more than the recruitment and that is those who decide who gets to come for an interview. As we have so many places to fill, this work will continue throughout March and will end sometime in April. Everyone will be notified when the process is complete.

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