Equal capital and leadership - the cornerstone of feminist politics

What leadership is needed for increased gender equality? Who does the venture capital go to? How does development cooperation contribute most effectively to global gender equality?

Gender equality must be defended every day. The right-wing populist wave sweeping across Europe is increasingly curtailing the rights and influence of women and girls. Goal 5 on gender equality in Agenda 2030 is becoming increasingly important to invest in - and thereby finance.

Aid is a way of financing Agenda 2030, but that is not enough. Banks, mutual funds and private investors must also be involved. Sweden invests billions in gender equality - both at home and through development cooperation. Sweden has come a long way, but challenges remain.

With just over ten years left until Agenda 2030 is fulfilled, Sweden should accelerate its work at both national and global level. By strengthening the incentives for women entrepreneurship, making demands on authorities responsible for venture capital and improving gender mainstreaming throughout Swedish development cooperation. Welcome to a conversation about tomorrow's leadership and funding for gender equality!

Rosanna Färnman (moderator), Global Challenge
Tove Ahlström (moderator), Global Challenge
Gunilla Nordlöf, Director General, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth
Anna Ryott, Chairman, Summa Equity
Sophie Nachemson-Ekwall, researcher in corporate governance and social sustainability, School of Business
Mariann Eriksson, Secretary General, Plan International Sweden
Lennart Wohlgemuth, aid expert, FUF
Emelie Anneroth, Coordinator, UrbanGirlsMovement Research Network

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