The Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute (IMM)

Location: Stockholm
HT23 - Full time, 20 weeks

About the organization

The Institute Against Bribery (IMM) creates trust in society by counteracting corruption and making it easier for society's actors to do the right thing. IMM is a non-profit business organization that has existed since 1923.

The emphasis in the business is on informing companies, business organizations, authorities and the mass media about what corruption is, how it manifests itself and how it can be prevented. IMM supports the business community with advice and support regarding corruption issues at both national and global level.

IMM's principals are the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Swedish Business and the Swedish Municipalities and Regions (SKR). The office is centrally located in Näringslivets Hus at Storgatan 19 in Stockholm.

What does the internship mean?

IMM has several ongoing projects and the daily work includes a variety of tasks. Since IMM is a small office, as an intern you will be part of all collaborations and projects.

An important part of IMM's work is to support business in the work against corruption by contributing information and support in the handling of corruption issues in international business. As an intern, you will carry out ongoing monitoring of corruption developments and investigate events and updates in the area of ​​legislation.

IMM has contacts with other organizations that work against corruption internationally in different ways and cooperates with both Business Sweden and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. IMM regularly receives foreign visitors for the exchange of experience and participates in forums abroad. As an intern, you are involved in work related to this.

IMM also works to increase knowledge about how corruption relates to the global goals. To this end, we collaborate with other organizations, including Transparency International Sweden and Save the Children. As an intern, you record and participate in the collaboration meetings organized by IMM. Your task is also to plan and participate in the implementation of seminars and webinars that IMM organizes together with other organizations.

As an intern, there are great opportunities to focus more on international issues, an area where Swedish companies want more support. Previous interns have, among other things, produced interesting reports and surveys.

Desirable competence / experience

Current academic education in law, economics, political science or other relevant education.

We assume that you, the applicant, are interested in corruption and social issues, as well as curious about how to work communicatively around difficult issues. We also believe that you have an interest in national and international business and the challenges that business can face in connection with various business relationships.

As IMM is a small office, we work independently with our tasks, but always support each other in our work. As a person, you must be prestigeless, able to work independently and at the same time be able to focus on several tasks at the same time.

Meritorious competence / experience

• Skills in the Office package, mainly Excel.
• Experience working with Adobe InDesign.
• Good knowledge in English.

As an intern at this organization, you will directly work with these global goals:

Global Goals #16
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