Innovation for Agenda 2030: Challenge the circular social business model Humanium Metal

Register no later than 15:00 pm on the 26th of November:
Almost every minute someone in the world is shot and almost every second minute someone dies due to gun related violence, showcasing that this still remains a threat to human life and dignity on a global scale today.
"The excessive accumulation of small arms has been instrumental in shaping the onset, severity and duration of armed violence, and its negative consequences."(1).
What is the way forward?
The global community is committed to addressing this issue; In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed in December 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly as a common standard of achievements, one can read in Article 3 "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person". Reducing gun violence is also included in Agenda 2030, specifically sustainable development goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions.
To discuss what could be done practically and symbolically to reduce illicit arms flow and gun violence, we have invited Individuell Människohjälp (IM) to hold an interactive lecture about their Humanium Metal initiative. IM is a Swedish Non-Profit Organization founded by Britta Holmström in 1938, working for a world free from poverty and exclusion. The mission of the Humanium Metal initiative is to transform illegal firearms, seized by governmental weapons destruction programs in regions which are affected by armed violence, into non-lethal commodities for peace. The income generated through Humanium Metal is re-invested into communities affected by gun violence.
Jacqueline Duerre, Strategic Development and Program Manager Humanium Metal
Simon Marke Gran, Business and Innovation Manager
Montserrat Deu Pons, Regional Director Central America
Josefine Nilsson, intern at IM and Humanium Metal
Event Description:
When: 2020.11.26; 17:00-18:00
Where: Zoom
The event is designed as an interactive lecture and will include the following sections:
1. Interactive discussion of the state of global gun violence
2. Lecture about IM's Humanium Metal initiative, its involvement in El Salvador and the situation there surrounding gun violence.
3. Introduction of IM's activist platform and 16 days of activism
4. Q&A and discussion of the Humanium Metal Initiative and gun violence
The lecture seeks to address the following goals:
> INFORMATION & SPREAD AWARENESS about the global presence of gun violence, the illicit arms flow and its implications on human security and sustainable development, with a specific focus on the regional manager of IM shedding light on the situation in El Salvador while also connecting the Humanium Metal Initiative as a part of the SDG16 agenda. This includes the implications of gun violence on communities, survivors, youth, women and marginalized groups.
> CONTRIBUTE TO GLOBAL DEBATE on the above issues through critically discussing circular model initiatives - such as Humanium Metal - to work against gun violence and the illicit arms trade and connect these issues to international development.
To participate, please register in the link above no later than 15:00 pm on the day of the lecture. You will then receive a Zoom invitation via email on the same day.
See you there!
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