Some of the non-profit members of FUF's editorial staff.

Info meeting about getting involved in FUF

Interested in sustainable global development? 

Come to an information meeting with us at FUF to see what we do. And hear how you can:

  • fill in the CV by getting involved in our editorial office or seminar group - or become a foreign correspondent
  • Learn a lot about global development issues and how they can be communicated
  • participate in FUF's internship program, where former members practiced at Sida, PeaceWorks, IKFF and many more
  • gain a foothold in the development aid sector through our network of people with experience from the UN, Sida, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and civil society

Where? FUF's new office on Ehrensbergsvägen 4. (T) Fridhemsplan or Rådhuset
When? 23/1 kl. 17:30-19:00

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