How (un) fair is the climate crisis?

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Following easing of restrictions in the wake of the pandemic, the climate crisis has begun to take back the ballot papers. A recent report from the UN's climate panel IPCC states that human impact is behind the rapid climate change. The report also emphasizes that the situation is acute and that we need to immediately reduce emissions to prevent the consequences of the climate threat. Those who contribute the least to climate change are those who are hardest hit, while those who emit the most are least affected. Who is already affected by climate change? Which emission reductions will have the greatest effect? How should we act in this global crisis in a fair way? And how are the inequality crisis and the climate crisis related?

Based on these questions, FUF invites you to a seminar Hanna Nelson, Policy Manager at Oxfam. Hanna will talk about Oxfam's work with climate justice and we will open up for discussion and questions on the subject.

Note that the Zoom event will be recorded and you may be shown in the image. If you do not want to be seen, please turn off your camera.

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