How can young people have more space in peace and security issues in Sweden?

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Welcome to the lunch seminar on UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on youth, peace and security!

On the anniversary of the resolution, we delve into what it means in an international and Swedish context, as well as how young people in Sweden experience their inclusion at decision-making levels. Lunch wrap is served from 11.30.


  • Introduction to Sweden's 2250 network and the resolution
    Representative from Sweden's 2250 network
  • Opportunities and challenges from the perspective of young people
    Linnea Greven and Sidra Amir
  • Panel discussion: How can young people get more space in peace and security issues in Sweden?
    Catarina Fabiansson, senior advisor at Sida and Vera Grass, Youth Peace and Security Officer at the Folke Bernadotte Academy

The seminar is moderated by Rebecca Lindholm Schulz, project manager for the Peace Academy at Swedish Peace.

The last day for on-site registration is December 4. The seminar can also be streamed live.

We who organize the seminar are part of Sweden's network for Security Council Resolution 2250:
The Association for Development Issues, FUF
Life & Peace Institute
Swedish Peace
Gothenburg and Bohuslän FN district


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