Trade, development and climate: A future exploration in the wake of the crisis of hyperglobalization

Welcome to a conversation with economist Stefan de Vylder about the future of the role of free trade in poverty reduction, the role of developing countries, the relationship between climate and free trade and future trade. Who are really the winners and losers in globalization? This and much more Stefan will tell about at Wednesday's digital seminar.
The World Trade Organization (WTO) has contributed to the increase, liberalization and standardization of global trade. As a result, customs problems have diminished, markets have become more inclusive and millions of people are rising out of poverty, especially in developing countries. However, the WTO faces a number of challenges. World trade rules have been challenged by nationalist and protectionist currents, not least since former US President Donald Trump launched an attack on the entire multilateral framework. The pandemic revealed several shortcomings in the trade policy machinery. Can the discussions on climate tariffs herald a green neoprotectionism?
Stefan de Vylder is an economist and author of a number of articles and books that have also attracted international attention. He has previously worked at Sida and as an associate professor in development economics at the Stockholm School of Economics. For many years active as an independent researcher, author and consultant. In recent years, Stefan has worked with development economics, financial crises, trade and globalization issues, rural development and Swedish economic policy. On Stefan's website a selection of Stefan's articles and reports is available.
Note that the Zoom event will be recorded and you may be shown in the image. If you do not want to be seen, please turn off your camera.
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