Global Peace Hub

Global Peace Hub (GPH) is a digital network for young peacebuilders around the world. GPH is FUF's first international project and is funded by the Folke Bernadotte Academy - the Swedish agency for peace, security and development. Read more about the financing of the GPH here.   

A global network for young peacebuilders

Through the adoption of UN Resolution 2250 for Youth, Peace and Security, organisations, institutions and states around the world have acknowledged the need to include young people in peacebuilding processes at all levels of society, in order to achieve lasting peace. There is still however a need to strengthen young people's presence in decision-making arenas, and through the GPH, we aim to capacity strengthen youth to support their activities as youth peacebuilders. GPH is an international network for young people who work in various ways with peace-building and conflict resolution at local, national, regional or international level. The purpose of the network is to support the implementation of the resolution, for example by strengthening young people's meaningful participation, partnership and leadership in peacebuilding and conflict resolution.  

By being active in GPH, the participants are offered a network consisting of other young peace actors from around the world with a secure digital platform where they can meet to exchange experiences, be trained and start collaborations with each other. Most countries and organizations that work actively with the agenda for youth, peace and security do so primarily at national and regional level. This means that GPH's global focus is a unique opportunity for young peace actors to collaborate on related issues across national and regional borders. 

A digital network that belongs to the participants

An important starting point in the project is that the network belongs to the participants. It has been a priority from the start to include them in everything from implementation work to goal formulations - all to ensure that frameworks, content and focus reflect their needs. The participants have therefore been involved in everything from needs analysis, development of a network agreement to discussing and evaluating specific project goals. The network will work in discussion groups based on both regional affiliation and thematic areas of interest that are common among the participants. Participants will also be offered training, exchanges and the opportunity to participate in a mentorship program to be designed for GPH's participants. 

A digital network is flexible and inclusive, which means that participants all over the world have more equal opportunities to participate. Digital conversation also enables interaction and activities to take place more often than if the network required physical meetings. A physical network places higher demands on the budget and that participants are relocated, which requires more time for the participants and has a greater climate impact. In addition, young people are the largest demographic group online and are generally well accustomed to being on digital surfaces. As access to a stable internet connection varies worldwide, the digital platform built for GPH has been designed in a way that is compatible with varied connection options.  

Funding of GPH

FUF was initially granted project support to develop GPH in 2021 and has now been granted operational support for the entire 2022. This means that we will be able to continue to develop GPH with the aim of establishing GPH as part of FUF's regular operations, instead of as a temporary project. 

More information on support for civil society and official decision documents from 2021 and 2022 are available at FBA's website. 

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